Everything You Need To Know about the HomeBuilder Grant

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It’s no secret that the Australian real estate market has stagnated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in an attempt to assist the residential construction market to bounce back from the crisis, the Australian Government has actively decided to provide funding to encourage the commencement of new home builds and renovations this year. This is […]

International Compost Week

The extreme heat over the summer months and ongoing drought brought the worst bushfire season we have seen in Australia, destroying houses, local businesses, vegetation and wildlife. The impact was felt further than by those directly in line of the fires, however, and it has meant that Australians everywhere are calling for change in the […]

Benefits of Selling Vs Renovating Your Home

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Deciding between whether to renovate or sell your home and move is a question for our hearts as much as our heads. Moving to a new place can be an expensive and time-consuming process but a new location can be exactly what you need. On the other hand, sprucing up your current home can be […]

How Do I Find The Right Designer?

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Who will I engage to design my dream home? Once you have decided that renovating your home is the right solution for you, you will want to find the best/right person to help you design the most useful, cost effective, and beautiful home renovation. The right person will help you navigate through the many challenges of […]

Sell, Renovate or Knock Down and Rebuild?

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In this article I will explore the options available if you want to create a better home for your family. Are there better alternatives than renovation? Can’t face the hassle of renovation? Renovating your home might not be the only solution or even the best solution. If you can’t stand the thought or the hassle of […]

What to Consider When Commencing Your Home Renovation Journey

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Starting any challenge is always difficult, but none more so than a home renovation. If you aren’t already involved in the industry, immersing yourself in the world of construction can be daunting and difficult. However, by asking the right questions, you can ensure a smooth and successful building journey.   The first thing to know is what […]

Do I Need Approval To Do My Home Renovation?

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In this article I will discuss some of the approvals you will need to obtain before you are able to start building that dream renovation. However, if your project is only minor and only internal changes, it might be classified as “Exempt Development” which does not require Approvals. If your project involves structural work and/or […]

I’m Ready To Build. Who Should I Choose To Build My Home?

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In this article I will outline some of the options available when choosing a Builder for your project. Choosing the right builder is one of the most important decisions you will have to make, because the wrong Builder will make your life a nightmare, while the right Builder will be a pleasure to work with. […]

What Do I Look For In A Building Contract in NSW?

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Whether you’re renovating your current home or building a new property, having the right building contract is essential to ensure everyone understands their rights and responsibilities. Home building contracts come in different forms depending on the size and type of project. It’s important to understand these different building contracts and to have the right one […]