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Our COVID-19 Response

Everybody in Australia has had to adjust to the new changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people, places, and businesses have been more affected than others. Family Homes is lucky to continue to operate through these difficult times.

We follow the guidelines set out by Safe Work Australia as well as recommendations from Master Builders Australia and the Housing Industry Australia. These instructions are in place to keep the greater community, our employees, and our clients as safe as necessary. The changes we have made include:

  • Ensuring our workers maintain a 1.5m distance from each other and work remotely whenever possible. This reduces the risk of disease transmission caused by working in close quarters.
  • Providing hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes to each job site, so tradies can keep their tools clean.
  • Moving meetings and conferences to a digital format. This ensures as many employees as possible can work from home and maintain essential communication.
  • Private inspections by our designers are still available. As long as the inspections are only between the designer and the homeowners, our designers can still inspect your home to continue the renovation process.
  • Providing QR codes for each of our job sites so we know exactly who visits them and when. This ensures if an outbreak does occur, we can quickly identify who could be affected.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your job site or future renovation, don’t hesitate to call us on 9417 5777.

You can read Safe Work’s COVID-19 information for workplaces here.